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Property Management


Osprey Management offers full-service management, starting from the screening of tenants to finances and marketing.


We make owning your property simple so you can enjoy the little things in life without having to worry.


Osprey Management charges a highly competitive, all-inclusive management fee.

About Us

Osprey Management is a family-owned and operated property management company that specializes in self-storage facilities and mobile home communities. We currently manage over 60 storage facilities and over 30 mobile home communities/RV Parks throughout the United States and have approximately 24,000 units/lots combined. Osprey Management provides expert property management services and solutions across the United States with the portfolio. As a leader in the field, we have a tremendous amount of knowledge blending property management and service provision to simplify everyday life. You will find that Osprey Management is one of the most advanced management companies in this field and our services are constantly improving to meet the changing demands of the market.
A few of the services we provide are:

Tenant Support.png
Tenant Support
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HR & Training

Meet Our Team

Matthew R

Founder & CEO

Matt Ricciardella is the esteemed founder of Osprey Management, where he assumes comprehensive oversight of all company operations. Established in 2014, he initiated this venture from humble beginnings in his garage, transforming it into the thriving empire it is today with a workforce of 150+ employees and effectively managing a portfolio of 90+ properties across 26 states in the United States. With a career spanning over 19 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mr. Ricciardella has adeptly leveraged his expertise to strategically elevate properties into lucrative, revenue-generating assets. His strategic foresight have been instrumental in propelling Osprey Management to unparalleled success in the market. 


Michael H


Michael Hammill holds the position of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Osprey Management, we he bears significant responsibilities within operations, asset management, financial reporting, and various other facets of the company's functioning. With an extensive career spanning over 15 years in the real estate and finance industries, Mr. Hammill held multiple roles as co-founder and managing principal for a private real estate investment company, senior vice president at a start-up REIT that went public and ultimately sold for approximately $600M, and Vice President in real estate investment banking. He earned a BS in economics, a Master of Business administration from the Pennsylvania State University and is a CFA charter holder.


Jessica S

VP of Operations

Prior to Jessica Stenders time at Osprey Management, she had over 15 years of experience in educational operations management with a focus on operational growth and process and procedure refinement. When she joined the company as an Asset Manager, her skills were quickly recognized, and she was tasked with creating and implementing a unique plan for the company to quickly scale its operations. She quickly obtained her role as Vice President of Operations. Jessica's knack for identifying operational inefficiencies, streamlining processes, and her ability to promote a strong collaborative environment among our team has elevated not only our in-house asset management but our on=site operations as well. She now oversees a dedicated team of over 15 asset managers and call center agents and in addition all on-site managers and staff. 

Jessica S.jpg

Sheri M

VP of Human Resources

Sheri Meyer has been with Osprey Management for over 10 years. She began her journey with Osprey Management as one of Matthew Ricciardellas first employees working out of his house. She has held nearly every role throughout the years, and as a result, has a deep understanding of how each piece of the company comes together as a big picture. Her most recent previous role was VP of Operations and when Jessica Stender joined the team, Sheri was able to move into her ultimate dream role as VP of Human Resources. She works closely with every team member from inside the corporate office to on-site management to ensure our company culture thrives and is upheld. Sheri's dedication to this company and all of its employees is unmeasurable. 


Nicole M


Nicole Mannina joined the team in January 2021 and has been a pivotal piece of our growth since. As the leader of our in-house accounting department, Nicole has completed a restructure of the department, recruited multiple employees, and embodies the Company's ownership mindset each day. She has accomplished multiple projects geared toward streamlining of processes including an accounts payable platform, a new purchasing system for the Company's entire staff, and other items in order to assure that as the Company scales, we can deliver timely and accurate reporting. Nicole works each day to integrate with every department to assure accuracy and understanding of property financials as well as determine new ways the accounting department can continue to align with our managed properties. 


Megan L

Chief of Marketing & Revenue Management

Megan joined the firm in December of 2018 with an extensive background in marketing, advertising, and residential property management. At Osprey Management, we often bring team members in via an administrative role to learn their strengths and opportunities where they can add value for the organization. Megan spent only five months as an administrative assistant and quickly moved into an Asset Management role. She quickly identified an opportunity for the organization to grow and provide more value to the properties by focusing on specific marketing and revenue management processes across the portfolio. She immediately removed all third parties involved in marketing and revenue management and the results quickly followed. She was able to minimize marketing expenses bringing it in house and maximize revenue growth across the properties. Megan has played a crucial role in educating on-site management on how to increase lead conversion, understand an assets individual marketing needs, and maximize revenues for their properties. 


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